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Nice Guys Home Improvement LLC understands it is a privilege to enter your home, and we promise to treat your home as if it was one of our own. We have designed a 10-Step Window Program that we feel is the best in the industry!

Reliable 10 step window program:

Step One – Our Factory Trained and Certified Window Specialists will come to your home and conduct a brief question and answer session to help determine which type of window would be the best investment for your home. We will also explain how investing in new energy efficient windows will build value in your home.


Step Two – Our Trained Window Specialist will measure your old windows and perform a detailed inspection. We will show you any problems that exist with your current windows and we will explain how new energy efficient windows will reduce energy bills and help to eliminate future problems to your home.


Step Three – Our Trained Window Specialist will demonstrate and explain the features and benefits of the new energy efficient windows. While at your home we will explain to you which glass package is the best for your window project.


Step Four – Our Trained Window Specialist will calculate the price of each window. and we will write a detailed proposal indicating the style and all options for your new energy efficient windows. We will mail or email you the proposal per your preference.


Step Five – The Owner will place the window order and confirm a delivery date, upon confirmation of this date you are notified of a tentative start date for the installation of your new energy efficient windows.

Reliable brands:

  • Marvin Windows

  • Simonton Windows

Fast and friendly customer service!

Step Six – Once the windows arrive we contact you and set the date for installation. Our Trained Installers will remove your old windows, prepare the opening, insulate as needed and securely fasten your new energy efficient into place. We will properly seal the windows.


Step Seven - No window installation would be complete without a detailed cleaning. Our Trained Installers will wipe down both the interior and exterior of the window and make the glass shine like a new window should!


Step Eight– We will personally show you how to operate your new energy efficient windows and answer any questions you may have.


Step Nine – Our Owner will contact you and confirm that you are completely satisfied and happy with the installation of your new energy efficient windows.


Step Ten – We will then present you with your warranty package and care instructions for worry free operation and performance for years to come.

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